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Sunday, August 15, 2010

250 lb TUNA!!

My friend Al and I headed out to the end of Isle ah Haught yesterday to see about the bluefin reports I've gotten lately. We trolled daisy chains and spreader bars for a couple hours with no hookups. But we began to see signs of fish here and there. Then the water began erupting with feeding tuna up to 300 lbs! Seeing fish that big leaping out of the water was heart stopping! Al quickly reeled in the stand up gear as I headed for the action . I stopped about 40 yards from the frenzy, grabbed my Boca Tuna spinning rod and cast a big yozuri top water plug into the school...... two pops and WHAM! FISH ON!! Three hours and fifteen minutes later I had a tuna along side the boat that would've been at least 250 lbs. Well over the 59
inch maximum, we released it. I wanted to get it in the boat for a pic but we could not lift that fish over the rail! My spin rod butt cap is ruined...the lower portion of the foam handle is gone....I got up this morning feeling like I'd been run over by a truck... BUT, I can't wait to do battle again!
If you want a chance to catch a monster fish that will battle to the bitter end call or email me! I still have openings. These bruisers should be around into October.
207 359 2746

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