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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


These guys limited out by noon!!

Over the last four hunts we've limited out 3 times and the one time we didn't it was still a dozen ducks between 3 guys! Today my guys had never been sea duck hunting before and weren't sure what to expect. Three hunters shot the limit of 12 eiders in just a half day....We were set up by 7:15- 7:30 am.... Wasn't a half hour and I heard BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!!! By noon we were done! The guys were floored at how much shooting they had. They couldn't believe what it took to drop thoise big eiders. I had to take care of a few cripples for them. Next time they're bringing BBB or T shot! They were using #2's. It works ok but if you don't hit them dead on it makes for a few wounded critters. ( which I take care of).
I liked these fellas for one big reason...they crippled two ducks...I went over to finish them off. I shot at them once and they dived and were gone for good...What happens sometimes is eiders will be wounded and if you can't take care of them in a few minutes time...they go to bottom and grab hold of something till they expire....
I called my guys on the radio and told them that those were two dead ducks...and they counted towards the bag limit, even though we didn't retrieve them. I hoped they were ok with it. To me that is the ethical and honorable thing to do...They were dead ducks shot by those guys! Even though they weren't in the boat. To a man they agreed and understood my reason....
Like I said..these were 3 good guys!

If you want to flatten a bunch of ducks....if you like to shoot a box or two of shells....and if you want to have a great or email me to book a hunt!

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