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Monday, July 15, 2013

Got an email this morning from my good friend Cheryl Daigle, the outreach coordinator of the Penobscot River Revival,  inviting me to be a vendor/participant in the ceremony at the Veazie dam site july 22. It's the day they breach the Veazie dam . It's the second dam to be removed from the Penobscot since the start of the Penobscot restoration project. The Great Works dam has been demolished and soon the bypass around the Howland dam will be completed allowing unfettered access to over 1000 miles of spawning habitat for alwifes and blueback herring(along with many other sea  run fish!) I've been a huge supporter of this most worthy project. I've given talks and and written an editorial to the BDN in support. I led Umaine researchers on a field trip to explain what is going on in the bay and what I think will happen after the project is completed. I go to every event and speak to anyone who will listen about it. I've gotten heat from the Downeast guides who are mistakenly against the St Croix allowing access to alwifes. All the hard work of everyone involved is very close to being finished! The day starts with the dam breach at 10 am with many varied activities till 4 pm and then a concert, bbq and remarks and stories from people that use the river. I'll try to be the first one to speak. I am the guy who desperately needs a healthy river for my business! You guys that know me know I can flap my gums with the best of them and can't wait to speak in support of the restoration. Thanks to Cheryl for the invite and I hope no one calls to go fishing on the 22nd!! I encourage any and all of you to attend some or all of the festivities....guys, this is a really big deal. The changes that will happen within a few years will be astounding!